Although The Wind

Poem By Izumi Shikibu

Sometimes it means giving in
When you know that nothing else matter

Sometimes it means needing to be quiet
When words can no longer deliver the message

Sometimes it means going separate ways
When things have gotten unbearable and hopeless

Sometimes it means turning away
When your presence will do more harm than good

Sometimes it means giving up your dreams
When you no longer have time to dream

Sometimes it means stop hoping
When there's nothing else to hope for

Sometimes it means giving up your reasons
When you know that they just don't fit

Sometimes it means masking your true feelings
When you know that you have to put up a face

Sometimes it means keeping the love within your heart
When you know that it can only bring pain.

Comments about Although The Wind

I loved it so much I used it as an example in one of my papers for school. Thank you so much and I did cite you as my source you get all the deserve it all :) you are a very good writer.
sad and yet so true...
hopeless and negative, but its powerful. i love it. im one for a more positive outlook on things but this is really great. :)

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