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'Doing Time'
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'Doing Time'

Poem By Jessie Greer

As I sit here stripped of everthing but my mind and body, I relized that they own me. It's sad to say I see no traces of the innocent girl I used to be.
They say they want me to be responsible but they put me in a place where I have no responsibilities.How can they expect us to have respect when they have none for us!
I admit I did the crime but why does my family have to do the time? Their in pain ever day that I'm gone. They don't understand why I done the things I did.
My feelings I kept hid. My problems I solved with drugs. Daddy was ashamed cause all I brought home was thugs!
My little brother followed my lead and now he is gone, so I know my family blames me. If they don't, they should cause I was the one to introduce him to the hood! If only he would have seen it was no good!
Hopefully now I see the error of my ways and I can move on to bright and better days.

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