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Doldrums - Population Unknown
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Doldrums - Population Unknown

My mother told me
on a day when all
my necessary actions
were going well,
that she and maybe all
of us would be soon
in the Doldrums.

Well, there were bombs
above our heads
and the great enemy
was out to kill us all,
those final days of
what the Fuehrer had,
with skill and foresight
started, our precious war.

So I decided then and there
that nothing should be added to
the stress already visiting.
There would be time
to learn the meaning
when calm returned.

I never got around to it,
and went through
countless years,
a little niece explained to me
that Doldrums was no town.

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Comments (3)

Nicely written Herbert!
Quite different and a bit off-beat for Le Nehrlich. However, an enjoyable read.
A-freaking-men, Herbert! Lovely.