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Doll For A Terrorist

Doll For A Terrorist

Here is a doll for you, terrorist
Blood stained
Which was fondled by my daughter
While she was exploded by the bomb
That you planted in her school bus
Killing all her friends
In the fragment of a second
I am her doomed mother
Who happened to see
My own daughter
Exploding in to fragments
When she comes out of her school bus
In the evening in front of our home

Be happy now
For you will be released
From this dungeon
By the Government
To save the people onboard
An Aero plane
Hijacked and force landed
In another country
By your colleagues of terror
For saving you for a ransom
The government will let you go
Knowing you will kill thousands in future
With your hi tech weapons
Of terror and death
Sponsored by wealthy nations of greed

You can argue again and say
Your fight is for a cause
And you are right when you said
The religious fights kill more than wars
And the rulers mass kill
To amass wealth and power
And say it all for the sake of their country
And ethnic cleansing is to clean their country
But then we have to kill all the humans
To cleanup the whole world
Everyone wants to kill each other
That is the basic instinct of humans
Who are proud of saying
They are high above animals
While they never kill their own breed
And kill only for food

Here, take this doll
Stained by my daughter's blood
In return let me bear a child from you
In my womb
To make you realize
The feel of parental affections
When you kiss your own child
And to show you how you feel
The sprinkling of hot blood
Of your own child on your face
When I cut it to pieces in front of you
With the sharp sword of my sorrows

To make you realize
All the philosophies in this world
Cannot wipe away the sorrow you feel
When you see your own child
Being torn to pieces
To make you realize
Peace can never be attained
By tearing men to pieces
Then you will ask yourself
Hysterically ‘for whom for what
You are killing
All those innocent kids
And their fathers and mothers
And your own sisters and brothers
Whole around the world? '

Copy Right - C.N.Premkumar

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Comments (13)

Very touching lines to explain the sorrow one goes through when his daughter gets killed in terror attack.
its touching with the meaning and the lost of humanity. Novel perspective. Thank you
a heart touching poem. i really liked it. thankx for sharing
Wow! A totally intense and relevant poem, tears at your heart, can feel the pain and anguish of your child being killed so horrendously! Powerfully poignant and heart wrenching words stating the truth. Very emotional, filled with compassion.10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Thank you for sharing these truths. RoseAnn
Terrorists who kill the children perhaps are such a doll made by their designer who has no such emotional quality to communicate with the common people. Just their life has been transformed into machine to serve the ordered purpose by their Bosses. Otherwise its a sensitive poem for the common readers.
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