Domain: The Visit

I heard you pull up outside
you rang the doorbell incessantly
thoughts rapidly traverse through my mind
of all the times you came here before

Back then, I'd opened my door wide
and let the big bad wolf crawl inside
I became a wide-eyed mule,
to whom you were cruel
and of whom you made a tool
yes me, a damn well knowing fool

So this time, I didn't answer
the ringing fell on deaf ears
and as I heard your footsteps
reluctantly trail away
I knew this wasn't the end
you'd be back again, but
only to see that I've regained reign
and you'll never again enter my domain

by Nika McGuin

Comments (1)

This is where you attach your doorbell to a device that mildly electrocutes people as the push the button in. Also post a note where it says don't knock the door knocks back. This is also where you tell that big bad wolf that Ms Piggy Don't leave there no more and to take Kermit with him. Joking aside. I know what it's like to feel like you know better, to feel like you've been down that road before but you want to give it a chance against your better judgment anyways because you want to have a little faith left in people only to be disappointed once again and left kicking your own arse because you should have followed your gut! That is what life is all about living, learning, improvising, adapting, overcoming and evolving. Great poem! You are one of the brightest, funniest most perceptive people I know so I know you are gonna be alright though it does get rather hard sometimes.