Domestic Talks

By Morning 7: 30 AM
“Toast is burned”
“Yeah? Then why don’t you make them self? ”
“Where is my neck tie? ”
“Don’t make me angry now! ”
Few minutes later
“I am becoming late! ! ! ”
“One more minute, I am done”

15 minutes later the car starts

By afternoon 2: 30 PM
Phone rings
“You had lunch? Its 2: 30”
“Not yet, I was busy”
“Don’t forget your pills, I got a call”

Phone hanged up.

By evening 7: 30 PM
“John helps Martha in the kitchen! ! ! ”
“So what? I ran errands the whole week”
“You have changed! ! ! ”
“No, you want John”
“Oh shut up, you are sick! ! ! ”
“Yeah and I am happy as I am”

Volume of the TV maximum

By night 11: 30 PM
“You look gorgeous”
“Yeah? I am flattered”
“No I mean it…”
“Umm…let me check whether dan slept”

Door opens, shuts, opens and shuts.
“I love you”
“For next 10 minutes? ”
“Err, no, I really do”
“I shall switch off the light”

Tick sound of switch, night walks towards 7: 30 AM

by Raj Thampi

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Hehe, just feel like laughing bcz seems llike most of couples daily life