It was January when you made me the happiest person alive,
It was all through the summer that you were on my mind.
It was autumn when I fell with you so deep in love,
It was for two years of counting you were sent from up above.

It was half past twelve in October when I realised you weren’t right.
It was Tuesday in November when I cried all through the night.
It was the weekend when you hit me and left me alone to bruise.
It’s been two days to apologise and say you were confused.
It was Christmas when you hurt me but I guess that wasn’t new.
It was Christmas when you told me that you and I were through.

It was two months since you hurt me, you came back out of the blue,
I was stupid cause you came back after all I had been through.
It was three hours since you came back, and you added another scar,
Then you punch me so I left you to run away so far.

It’s been two years since I left you the wounds have healed in time,
It’s been a lifetime now I’m happy and can finally speak my mind.

by Vicky Harley

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