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'Dominate Or Die'

Where has our freedom gone?
It's controlled by those with power beyond.
Rich king and his calvary over paltry pawns
Obeying his will, marching toward Death
Until they die, as the Few feign to cry;
Tears shed like bullets from their eyes
Devilishly projecting their well manufactured lies,
Hiding blood from their hands and dress.

Silence equals consent!
Absolute power does not repent
To spare the lives of innocent
People struggling to survive
On a meager, agricultural subsistence,
Sowing seeds of hunger and resistence
Because not many will listen
To shouts and screams of broken dreams and battered lives.

And who will help those in need,
From the pull of power and corporate greed?
How many more will bleed
For the Bully on the Block who collects his bucks?
And the Bigot who thinks his views are right,
Demands we don't see or smell rotting flesh at night
Hastening havoc, continuing fight
Against those outside Western thought.

A smaller world we have created
Culture, technologically updated;
Society run by the suspiciously slated
Staring at the world with one mischievous eye,
Ready to abuse her
With Silent Spring or Nuclear Winter
Shrapnel striking softness dries, and splinters
For it's 'Dominate or Die.'

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