Dominion Of Sin

Poem By Dalton J Brown II

The world has been under
The dominion of sin
For thousands of years

The races and nations
Have changed over time
But the spirit
Has stayed the same

Contrary to the laws
And statues of God
The world is polluted
The air, water, earth
The minds of men

We must declare judgement
Through the word of God
To put an end
To this dominion
This sin

Comments about Dominion Of Sin

Preach it. Remember God prevails in the end. We can counter attack through Gods help

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Today as I walking I found a picture of a little boy as I stared at this picture I began to experience pain in a way never before. I found it to be extremely hard to walk away with a smile. I write these few words as I stare at the little boy in this picture, I could feel the hurt and pain he must have had in his heart as he stood and cried.

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