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Don Jr. Had A Meeting
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Don Jr. Had A Meeting

Poem By The Trumpoet

Don Junior had a meeting with
Natalia Veselnitskaya
and he did not disclose this fact
or say what did transpire.

Paul and Jared were there too
but 'nothing was discussed'.
Don said the meeting ended
and turned out to be a bust.

The New York Times found out
and asked why Don did not report.
'But nothing happened' Junior claimed
when making his retort.

Then under pressure from the press
some emails he set free,
confirming Russian interest in
a Trump presidency.

His daddy claimed, 'He's a good boy'
'He's new, green and naive'.
But Manafort - He should have known
(one would like to believe) .

But Junior's new transparency
turned out to be untrue...
It seems that a fifth person was
there in the meeting too!

A former Soviet officer
named Rinat Akhmetshin
was also at the meeting...
so why was he brought in?

And then we soon learned of a sixth...
a seventh... and then eight!
Tied to the oligarchs and
Russian governmental state.

What was the meeting all about?
Perhaps there's nothing to surmise.
The secrecy though, would suggest
it might be otherwise.

Don Junior had a meeting
that nobody disclosed.
Let's hope this helps fulfill the dream...
to see his dad deposed!

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Sir, you have a way with words. Political poetry seems to be your genre. Trumpoet, I sincerely think that I'm getting a better grasp of what's going on from just reading your poems. You've made the news fun and entertaining. Thank you for sharing your unique and special gift with us.