Poem By Tex T Sarnie

Don’t take me to that place of lust,
where desire turns to deep disgust.
Don’t take me to even greater depths,
where pleasure sinks to deep regrets.

Don’t abandon me in erotic dreams,
and let me drown in endless streams.
Don’t exchange my love for lust,
and leave me feeling without trust.

Comments about Don’t

i don't i don't take you to lust where its a waste and a rust i don't want you to go in depth where you can get killed by insanity and dullness i never likes to abandon you in your dreams, instead i want to make your dream come true and i never wanted to waste your Love on me instead ill fill up that Love until it became full or for me to you i wanted to say that i never wanted your Love to be wasted instead i am wishing that someone out there would fill up your love and not lust. i know there will be that Right One.

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I know about all your faults and silly idiosyncrasies,
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