If your daily routine
becomes too great to bare,
then don't count on me
to soothe the insanity.

I saw Heaven in your eyes,
but you saw Hell in mine.
And if your feet are calloused
by life's carousel,
then don't consider me your clown.

I wasn't even considered
a nominee for you to give me
the time of day.
Don't approach me
and say I've now won.

My heart holds a deep desire
for you to return.
Your's holds a deranged disgust
for my shadow.
Don't say the game is over.

Written: April 25,2007 1: 10 AM

by Melissa Hurst

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I can't recommend this because the meaning is not clear. It seems to demand one thing in one sentence and ask for something else in another. I'm not quite sure of its purpose either. With these questions. Any further assessment is meaningless. GW62
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