Don'T Ask Me

How can she say
To tell those who asked her about you
That the love you have for her
Is true

How can she tell them
She is so proud to have you
That she wanted to shout to the whole world
‘I love you’

They would not understand
And they never could
How love could grow
Between her and you

They would not understand
That you would fall for a woman
Old enough to be your mom
That she would fall for you, old enough to be her son

Is it forbidden?
Is it impossible?
Was she born too early for you?
Were you born too late for her? ..Could the love be true?

(Don’t ask me…I don’t know the answer..)

(inspired by the movie '40 Carats', a story about a successful businesswoman in her 40s who decides to have an affair with a young man in his 20s)

by Little Star

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I love the poem....emotions honestly expressed with beautiful words lovely write 10+++