Don'T Ask Me To Forget You!

Your love arrives in my life
with the force of the desire
of the forbidden things.

Forbidden love that intoxicated
every night, the soul!
Love without engagements and without frontiers.
Love without time and without age.
Don't ask me to forget you!

Forbidden love was mine.
Free love was yours!
How our bodies trembled
with the first caresses!
How vibrated our souls...
caught in the sweet jail
of the forbidden love!

How the love shone in your eyes
every time they looked at themselves in mine!
Now you want me to forget you?
If in each encounter,
we drank of the elixir of love...

Now you want me to forget you!
If in the nights of full moon
our souls were gone mad
and our bodies were liberated
under the bewitchment of irrational love?

How can you believe I will forget?
Although the love already left,
the memories stayed living...
like ghosts forever in my soul.
Don't ask me to forget you!

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