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Don’t Be Cruel
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Don’t Be Cruel

It was a cool tin roof,
and you chided me about
letting Josh sleep out
there until early one
morning he woke me up
barking. I looked out the
window, saw some
hooligans lighting a car
on fire, and called the fire
department. Josh was the
hero, and after that you
told people you thought it
was cute that he knew
how to climb out onto the
roof to stay cool on hot
summer nights. You
could have at least
acknowledged your
mistake in chiding me
instead of giving me that
sneer and cute little Elvis
hip-shake when I called
you on it.

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Comments (4)

I agree with Adam, this poem reveals a great relationship and sense of humor. Very entertaining. -chuck
there's a lot of tenderness going on under the surface of this poem, preseumably you and your wife and it's clever in that way because it's this interplay and familiarity between you and your wife that's the real story of the poem while on paper it's about the dog outside.
Is is because I live in Las Vegas, land of many Elvis look-alikes that I am hearing the title of this poem sung loud and clear? How on earth you thought of working Elvis into this poem about a cold tin roof shows your creativity. I liked it, Michael. Raynette
Great poem Michael! Dogs can be real life-savers. I love the last part about the Elvis hip-shake and sneer...........I can see it clearly. Very nice. Sincerely, Mary