Don'T Be Left Behind

There are two different understandings of the church on the earth,
One is based on men's changing ways and the other on a new birth.

One like Isaiah warned, is founded on men's rules and regulations,
While the other is founded on Jesus Christ and on His Justification.

Both churches are being filled today, having different fates ahead,
As one is spiritually alive while the other one is spiritually dead.

The True Church is The Body of Christ, being all who truly believe,
The other is made up of many who blindly follow those who deceive.

The purpose of the True Church is to spread the Gospel of Salvation,
Commanded by The Lord, until preached to every man in every nation.

Once the last person by faith truly believes and accepts a new birth,
The Body of True Believers like Elijah, will be raptured form earth.

The religious people that are left who willfully have been deceived,
They will be given into strong delusion, for they refused to believe.

Christ Himself said to seek first The Kingdom and His Righteousness,
However, instead of believing The Truth they delighted in wickedness.

When The Light of The Church is removed total darkness will flourish,
And because people refused to believe and be saved, many will perish.

Paul warned in the end that imposters would deceive and be deceived,
So while The Light is still present, there is still time to believe.

(Copyright © 09/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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