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'Don'T Be Tricked'

Friend, Don't be Tricked! ! !
On Smoking, Drinking, or Drugs!
Whatever you're doing, It's a Trap!
Want to be Free? From all that! !
The Hole you're in!
After all, It's your call! What you do!
Jesus Christ can Cleanse you through! ! !
Quit for Jesus! Jesus is the Deliverer! ! !
God's Only Begotten Son!
Jesus gave His life for you! ! !
What are you going to do? ? ?
You want a New Life? A Fresh Start! ! !
Ask Jesus in your heart! ! !
Believe Jesus died on the Cross,
God had raised Him from the dead!
Ask for Forgiveness of your sins,
Then you've become, Born-again! ! !
God made a way, Through Jesus Christ!
Cleanse your Spirit, Soul and Body today!
{Follow Jesus Christ}

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