Don'T Be Wastin' My Time

You know what I’m looking for
and I like you just fine,
but I’m tellin’ you straight,
don’t be wastin’ my time.

I want that commitment
of undying love and respect,
if you can’t give me that,
I suggest that you step.

My family and friends like you a lot,
but they’re waiting to see if you’re
wastin’ my time or not.

I don’t want your seed
to plant in my crop
to collect all your money
when the harvest drops.

I’m looking for that lifemate
to be with me, so we can love
each other through eternity.

So I’ll tell you again
what I’m looking for,
a friend, a lover
that I can adore.

Someone who I can support
as he supports me.
Like two steel beams on a
foundation that’s solid and sturdy.

If you can’t give me that
then you should just leave.
Don’t be wastin’ by time,
just let me be.

by Cassandra Boyd

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thanks for sharing, beautiful.......