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Don'T Be Your Head
DS (09/05/1978 / Buckhannon, West Virginia)

Don'T Be Your Head

Poem By Doug Straight

Don’t Be Your Head

Don’t be your head, your head will lie
Its one concern, to live or die
It’ll say you can’t, it’ll say no way
Not on your life, not today
Now you have a choice, what do you do?
Do you run it or does it run you
You spoke out loud you gave your word
You can’t go back, everyone heard
Its who you are its been declared
It makes no difference that you are scared
The fear is not here it comes from the past
It is up to you how long it will last
Its all up to you, the power is yours
You have many choices, you have many doors
Which one will you open, which path will you choose
Does it frighten you that you may lose
The fear is there for a moment, now it is gone
You’ve placed it in the past where it belongs
You rise up to own it, you now have your power
Just as the sun greets a new flower
Welcome to greatness, welcome back home
Take your rightful place high on the throne
For you are unstoppable it runs through your veins
You pay no mind to the scrapes and the pains
They all make you stronger you thrive on the falls
Each one a new avenue from which your magnificence calls
Calls you to step up to a higher level of you
Calls you to see what is ultimately true
What is this truth, what sets you free
What is the secret, what could it be
You should know by all that I’ve said
Just be your Word, Don’t be your head

Doug Straight

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