Don'T Blame The Children

Children today so misunderstood
Adults deprived them from their childhood
Making sure they are better off than we were
Showering them with luxuries we could not afford. Working so hard, never at home
Loving them yes, but leaving them alone
All day every day in such a rush
With teenage children that's not enough
Too much time on their hands
They will get into trouble Some time in to gain's When young, you tell them, go out and play,
Not keeping an "eye" on them all day,
Staying out as long as "they" want to,
Company they're keeping, "they know, not you,"
Mistakes, babies are born,
From teenager, just to leave home. Then you ask yourself,
Where did I go wrong,
Learn to listen, what they have to say,
It don't have to be, everything your way.

by Dorris Y. Lewis

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