Don'T Blink An Eye

The love that enveloped my soul
As though from heaven on high
Came as an Angel
Yet, no truth carried by

Spirits not of this world
Can intrude as the God of light
Only hushed by the darkness
To take your soul in the night

Your spirit I speak to
I command you to step down
The God that lives in me
Will bind you to be bound

Touch not mine anointed
For I will stand in the gap
Bring your evil powers
Satan, to hell I demand you go back

Some don’t blink an eye
But soon will see, I AM
The God of my world
No power can touch my lamb

I stand with open arms
Bidding all should come
Look at the one you oblige
No, good can come from

Read my word and know me
Your the truth is not my own
For I am the God of salvation
All my ways to you be known

I look down and see
Those who right their own wrong
I am the only God
To you from heaven’s throne

Because you don’t believe
That my way is higher
Not one part of my word
Will I change or I’d be a liar

I offer this once more
You, read my word and see
You prove me right
I am the only God they'll be

If not focused on me
All else is of the night
If you don’t worship me
In vain you give your might

Your soul I created
Breathed my life from within
I gave my own life
So death you won’t enter in

So Satan you must go
Under my feet where you belong
To me all will bow
Whether in the right or in the wrong

by Lagaya Evans

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