Don'T Bring A Screwdriver To A Gun Fight

Poem By Not The Pilot

holding on for dear life
now you see yourself at the other end of this knife
now you beg for mercy

watching yourself, these movements you make
looking down screaming 'these are not my hands'
fighting the person in the mirror
because you're not the best of friends

the end has climbed through your window
turned out your light
there's no breath left in your body
this was your last night

now the clouds rain chariots
and your home is in ruins
you blush with shame
now lie in your ways
and let disgrace cover you

you blush with shame
lie in your ways
let disgrace cover you

Comments about Don'T Bring A Screwdriver To A Gun Fight

I loved the title - thought I was in for some humor. But instead, an emotive piece is what I read. Well done. -chuck
Yikes! The end has climbed through your window...turned out your light! That's enough to put fear in the heart of most folks! ! Great poem! Hugs, Dee
the end loser...........well, seemingly we do have a lot in common pal, the musics...........
i'd rather the cops catch me with a gun... than be around you... and not have one. lol take care.
You have left the reader to ponder - - who or what was being fought? Great concept and poetic way of putting it.- - 'fighting the person in the mirror/because you're not the best of friends.' This is the first of your poems I have read. I will look for more. Tom

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