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Don'T Cry, Don'T Sigh
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Don'T Cry, Don'T Sigh

Don't cry, don't sigh,
Sorry, left in a hurry, Could not say good bye
Don't sob, don't sigh
Look around, you will find me
In the golden dew drops on the grass
Or in the wind of willow tree
Or in the silver lining by the Eagle flying free
Love never dies you leave it behind
Close your eyes, I am in your heart, in your mind
I will come running when you call my name
In your mind nothing has changed, all is same
Look at the stars, the Moon or the pretty rainbow in the sky
I am there, every where, touch me, I am in your mind's eye
Walk on the beach, walk with me, let the wind play with your hair
I am in the wind, humming with the waves layer after layer
This is my resting place, I will be here forever
Don't cry, don't sigh, I will be with you ever and ever

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