Don'T Cry For Me

I was quietly told today
I had not long to live,
To tidy up my affairs
And ask others to forgive.

Now I come to you
With my heart upon my sleeve,
To ask you to be strong
And try not to grieve.

I fought my bravest battle
But could not win the war,
The time is soon to come now
For my broken spirit to soar.

When the Angels come for me
And carry me Home again,
Please don't cry to hard for me
For your tears will be in vain.

Sit down here by my side, my love
Hold gently to my hand,
And listen to my whispered words
For I need you to understand.

That when the time comes
For me to fly away,
Just lean down and kiss me once
And quietly start to pray.

Ask for God up in Heaven
To receive me Unto Him,
And ask Him to Forgive me
For all of my sins.

And then before I go
Promise me you won't cry,
Then kiss me one before I go
Don't sit here and watch me die.

Just smile again and promise
You'll always be strong for me,
And forever keep me close to you
As gently my soul goes free.

And know that somewhere up above
I'll be watching over you,
So that when your time comes
I'll be waiting here for you.

by Kristi Day

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this is really beautiful. reminded me of how strong i was when my grandmother died.