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Don'T Cry Old Room Don'T Cry!
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Don'T Cry Old Room Don'T Cry!

Poem By Dónall Dempsey

The room is ashamed
of its nakedness

stripped down
to nothing

but these four walls.

It tries to cover
its emptiness

with a few scattered

Its emptiness
(disturbed by our looking)
almost cries.

It is a room no longer
(merely a container)

that struggles
to remember

a time told
in humans.

It listens
to our footsteps

leaving footprints

in the time
turned to dust

blowing bubbles
as we walk from
room to room

bubbles blossoming
through the tiny hoop

& where they alight
Time flowers again

& it is possible
To hear the distant

laughter of
those distant years.

The rooms
dressed again

in voices
& humans

that make it
come alive.

Time waits

like an immense
wrecker’s ball

(prepared for now
to turn a blind eye)

for the humans
to complete

their sentimental

knowing that
in the next


It will be
as if

none of this

... exists.

The humans
lulled by the train asleep

as it speeds
through Time & Distance

waking through

in dreams


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Can haiku have titles? And if so what a whooper this is and what a red herring.. but that's part of the fun of it. It states one ordinary thing and yet ressonates with two meanings. I always liked salad and I love haiku and here is a haiku I could eat. Yum yum...wot fun! Is the naked one in the poem you or your loved one...as that changes how one sees it! This dressing cuts both ways. The olive oil of it is smoothly sensuous and the cider vinegar gives it a refreshing bite. You have too much stuff on at once(I'm referring to the site now) and I have to take a different strategy each time of viewing you. First I did all the A's(phew) then picked a favourite number(7) and now I'm doing haiku! You should have just drip fed us one by one by one by...someday oneday I will get through all of you. It will be a labour of love 'cos I love your words! It's just there are so many!