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Don'T Descend
MO (1973 / England)

Don'T Descend

Don’t descend to that state where beauty can mock you
For not feeling part of it
For you not feeling part of people

Not feeling loved
Don’t descend
To that place
Where you don’t look after yourself

The beauty is there for you as well others
Seen alone
Or with another
Come out of that dark place
You were not meant to inhabit

You deserve you are high you are loved
You are okay
And when all this settles down you will live to tell the tale and those burning tears
They are okay too

But run away from the poison
Of toxic people and influences
Relish the isolation

You learned so much about yourself
Ward off those who would eat you as the new piece of meat

It’s okay to feel the pain
Your mood may sink and rise again
Text the world
You want to be their friend
If they don’t send back you gain some time in the end

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