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Don'T Die

Don't Die

Don't Die
Don't Die
Oh, how I cried
holden my Beholden
There you lie in my arms
Right here
Right now
I try to comfort you
Tell you everything will be all right
But my mind Screams
Don't die
Don't Die
Yet her I am Holden my beholden
A small little hole
Draining my love from me
I take off my blouse
Putting it over the small little hole
People look at me
As I am holden my beholden
I have no bra on
My breasts sway as I sob
But I have no shame
As I try to keep you here with me
So much has drained away
But I persist
Not to let more drain away
I feel you shudder
A final moan
A final gasp
But I am holden my beholden
And will never let you get or go away from me

Copyright 2005

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