Don'T Do Dope, You Dope!

Red eyes seem to have just done pot...
These lines are alot, that you've got.
Eyedrops are always on the scene...
Usually the brand is good ol'e Viseen.
Why do you keep on doing drugs? ...
Is your brain made of Peanutbutter or bugs?
Have you eaten snails or rather garden slugs? ...
Don't even shake your head at me, don't
even give me an 'I dunno? ', or even stupid
looking shrugs.
Is your brain made of horse shit and bugs?
You are so dumb, that you don't deserve
any hugs.
You are so stupid, that you need to get
down on all fours...
You need to be eating bugs instead of
out, paying for whores.
When will you just brighten up? ...
If you keep on doing the same thing,
You'll end up out on the street, trying to sell
pencils out'ta a tin cup.
Don't be a dope...
Don't do dope!

by Michael Gale

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Very bias and uninformed stereo typical response to something you obviously know nothing about Michael. I am dissappointed in you, you dope! lol Tai