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Don't Do It!
(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Don't Do It!

Poem By Edward Kofi Louis

Don't do it!
Don't insult people,
Respect yourself! !
Always seek for peace than,
Hatred and war;

Whoever argues with a fool wastes his or her own time! !
Because, a fool has no place in heaven!
"A lion doesn't turn when a dog barks"!
Even, the lion is wiser than you are;
Knowing that, your heart is full of evil acts.

Don't Do It!
Don't hate your neighbour,
Hurt no one! ! !
Peace and love to all mankind without racism;

Don't teach lies!
Only uplift righteous works;
For the peace of the earth,
Servitude and attitude without racism! !
According to righteous laws.

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