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Don’t Do This To Me It Hurts
SP ( / Mumbai)

Don’t Do This To Me It Hurts

'Don’t do this to me
It hurts…
It really hurts! ”

He never seemed to listen
empty words, empty promises
love unrequited says it all…

He says, he understands
what I go through
I doubt, he does
insensitive, indifferent
callous, sadistic –
descriptions of him
I wish, I knew
“love is blind”
they say, it is true!

More than a year
of being in love…
make me 'God'
get over him
enough of pain,
longing, loneliness...
give me a life
without him,
make me forgive
and forget him!

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Comments (2)

That all too familiar pain which is eventually healed by time. A rung on the stairway of life; tears which are eventually washed away by the ocean.
It is memorable to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all! Good write Sheyoushi! Thanks