Don'T, Don'T Appear To Me

Don't, Don't Appear to Me
no, you are not appearing
i would not take it
not with sanity
between the devils and god
there has always been
a sea of illusions
that spawn blood
thick as the dead
at Hitler's camps
Spanish Inquisitions
the Great Wall
Great Pyramid
Hiroshima, Nagasaki
and all the religious wars
that spanned the East and West
i have given up
and have decided
to crawl back to the time
when the first men
decided to try you out
shouting to waterfall
singing to the moon
crying to the heavens
and zooming in on zero thought
in cavernous caves
that resonated
with each of their breaths,
water from brooks
taking echoes as your love notes
i am satisfied though
stressed as i have been
in trying to locate you
an ancient man i became
the world starts all anew
for me and my Great One

by john tiong chunghoo

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