Don'T Expect Blind Faith

If you're so smart and have all the answers
Why the hell hasn't anything changed?
Are we supposed to believe your predictions?
Or are we being led astray?
The world is full of cynics who cry,
"The end is near we're all going to die!"
All this talk of doom and gloom,
I don't subscribe to that point of view
The world is full of people, who live in hope and die in despair!
You prey upon their weakness, steal their dreams pretending you care
Perpetual believers, lining up to hear it all
Waiting for their future, as you gaze into your crystal ball
Tell them anything you want, maybe they will take the bait!
If euthanasia is our destined fate,
Have me committed before it's too late!
All my life I've heard your lies, all my life the truth's been disguised
Too many times I've been deceived, so don't expect me to believe
There's just too many barstool prophets, and microphone apostles,
Soothsaying doomsday watchers, physic charlatans, and fakes
Don't you dare preach to me, don't expect blind faith!

by Curtis Doherty

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i love this guys poems, ur really out there and not afraid to tell ur opinion. lovin it