Don'T Fall For Me

I don't believe in eternal love
I don't believe in temporary love
I don't believe that love is that great amongst us.
I believe it is just an excuse..
A misunderstood feeling evoked from the heart

As we can all agree,
'nothing lasts forever'.
This same quote applies to love.
It is just not possible to honestly love someone with all your heart for a very long time...
It all seems impossible to me.

So don't be a sucker for my love and whatever you do,
do not fall hard for me because I can not love you for too long.
I may like you now, but sooner or later, I will find something to do to you to get you away from me.
Sometimes I do not know why I do such things.
Only my hearts knows...

So, please.
Follow my advice and do not fall for me.
I've learned that my looks and personality can be misleading.
The love I emit is not the same love that I feel in my heart.
I am a girl full of wonderfully chaotic components.
I am never consistent with my emotions.

Consider this a warning
because in the end,
I will only break your heart...

by Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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Hmm.. I like it.. True that love doesnt last.. but True love.. thats completely different.. but perhaps.. you havent met your match.. the one that makes you feel the love that has the potential in forever.