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Don'T Forget The Enemy
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Don'T Forget The Enemy

when you look around
look for the enemy
never forget the enemy
don't lose the enemy
A wise man said
'When you'r in the arena called life
never forget the enemy'

When you see them you know
their the enemy

I never forgot mine
YOU haven't forgotten
WE haven't forgotten ours

I am the enemy
YOU are the enemy
WE are the enemy

but whos behind
if were all the enemy
who makes us the enemy?

The people who can controle what we hear and see
on TV.they controle everthing

except what i believe
what you believe
what WE believe

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Comments (2)

the enemy will always be an enemy if it/he/she will never give you anything good. it's good for us to know the enemy and don't forget it... but of course if our enemy is a human being, let's try to make friends with him/her. nice art here!
wow..........big mitchell's mantra...........he's give ya 10 + fur sure! ! ! ! ! ! ! !