Don'T Get Many Fan Letters

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

well, most people don’t read my stuff
cause not published
except in little magazines
with an average circulation
of under a hundred
but one day got a letter
from a guy in prison
from the mortuary
found your writing in Monozine #3
yet cleverly amusing
your bio indicates publication in 50 zines
if you have any please send
zines pass the time
gonna be here
for another eleven years.
I laminated his letter
hung it on my wall
then Xeroxed my 3,487 page novel
and sent it off by UPS.
Six months later received a note:
You’re the greatest
Send more
The longer the better.

Comments about Don'T Get Many Fan Letters

That was such a nice thing for you to do Charles (if this is a true poem) . What an interesting friendship you two must have formed. Sincerely, Mary

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