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Don'T Give Any Money To God
PPH (1996-1920 / )

Don'T Give Any Money To God

Poem By Professor Poetry Hound

If money isn't that important in the eyes of God,
how come those shady televangelists are always
beseeching us to send them money? They always want
more money and they pretend it's a blessing for us
if we give it. What a bunch of hooey. I say stop
giving money to those phonies. In fact, stop giving
it to your church unless you know exactly how it's

being spent. God probably knows how to audit a
church's books, but I'll bet he never does it. He
just lets the church bookkeeper manipulate the
numbers and get away with embezzlement. But if the
stolen money is put to good use, like buying vinyl
siding for the bookkeeper's house, you can't
really be too sore at him. The bookkeeper probably
asks God to bless his house and God probably holds
his nose and does it.

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