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Don'T Give Up
DF (October 9,1995 / Tiffin, OH)

Don'T Give Up

Everytime I see the way you look at her
It makes me feel Jealous.
Everytime I see you hold her
It makes me feel Betrayed.
Everytime you talk about her
It makes me feel Broken.
Everytime I hear or see this
I feel like my whole world is crashing down,
I can't Breathe
I can't Think
All I can do is be happy for you.
I love and I still do love and always will,
But what you don't see is me crying,
In pain
and in fury.
I get jealous, because she is the luckiest girl
She's much prettier than me,
More talented than me,
And she has you to love and to hold.
Me apparently to you I'm nothing but a rebound.
You keep making me feel special and that I'm yours,
In the end, you just wanna be friends,
That phrase kills me.
I wanna let go
But something keeps telling me, 'Don't give up! '
That's why I keep hanging on.

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