Don'T Give Up Mirta

There might be rain clouds following you wherever you go
And you might not fit in
And at times I'm sure you want to cry
But listen to me when I say
' It's going to be alright '

Don't give up Mirta
You haven't found happiness yet
But I'm standing by you
Just don't forget

The sun has appeared over the horizon
So let's take a walk
And get away from the sadness of it all

A new day has begun for the both of us

by Justin Gildow

Comments (2)

A poem of strength to encourage one not to give up. Every thing is going to be alright. 'Dont give up' you just got to hold on, with a little help from your friend, you will make it through the storm.
'It's going to be alright' - Another great Positive One! Tks for sharing.