Don't Hang Around And Lounge

Keep a kept focus on your motive.
With a vision not to leave.
Remain and stay encouraged.
In spite of comments heard,
Full of negativity.
From those spending to waste more time,
To moan and whine.
Wrapped up all in their minds.

Keep that focus on your motive.
Don't find it worthless to dismiss.
Feel deserving and stay confident.
Every blessing to you sent,
Was intended and meant.

Hang Around And lounge.
With others upset.
And don't dare hang around and lounge.
With those who do their best,
To share with you their headaches.
Leaving you to be stressed.

Dontcha hang around and lounge.
Get up and do it quick.
Dontcha hang around and lounge.
One second that you hesitate,
Maybe too late.
No dontcha hang around and lounge.
Put some speed to your feet.
Don't ever hang around and lounge.
If your motive is kept focused,
You will not be fed to locusts.
Like leechers do to most.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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