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Don'T Have To Cry
JL (October 16,1989 / Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

Don'T Have To Cry

Poem By Jennifer Lujanac

This is just a dream.
I'll wake up
And you'll be here
Holding me and telling me
That I woke you up again.

This isn't real.
It's my imagination running wild.
I'll snap back
And you'll be here beside me
Telling me it's all okay.

This can't be happening.
You're not getting up.
That taxi's not really there
And we're not saying goodbye.
You don't have to promise
To come home with all your fingers
You don't have to swear
To call me from Ireland

There's no need to tell me
That you'll think of me every second.
There's no need for me to cry
And I don't have to lie.
I don't have to tell you that
I'm okay
I'm alright
I don't have to cry.
You don't have to
Make me laugh.
I'm not going to turn around
While I walk back inside

'Cause I know you're not leaving in that cab
I know you're not going back
You're just a boy
And I'm just a girl
This war hasn't touched us
And I don't have to worry
If you'll make it home alive.

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