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Don'T Hesitate
WS (June 1,1991 / Richmond hill)

Don'T Hesitate

Poem By Wandering Scarlet

don't wait
don't hesitate
life comes only once
don't screw it up
if something feels right
then run with it
if something looks good
it probably is
if you hesitate
you'll miss it
and you'll regret it
don't wait
don't think
it only wastes the only real thing you have
time flows like the wind
and it wont wait
all you can do is keep up with it
run with it
enjoy the breeze
enjoy life
live in your life
live today
tomorrow never comes
no mater how long you wait
so focus on today
and make the best out of it
don't think about yesterday
it never happened
it always was yesterday
you cant change it
run ahead
but stop to enjoy
eat the fruits
smell the flowers
don't expect anything
jut be delighted when something comes
live without hesitation
live without regrets

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Comments (5)

This poem makes me feel like anything is possible-which is actually true; but this poem inspired me to do whatever i want and live life to the fullest, because you only live once
Great advice Rocco, wonderful poem...........................All the best, Diane
Not bad advice...sort of a carpe diem approach to life...I like that. Hugs, Dee
wonderful poem. Great job.
Great advice and a great poem!