Don'T I Keep Telling You What You Want To Hear?

An accepted insanity,
And its connection to madness...
Is not as quickly detected,
In some environments in which...
People are paid to defend those crazed,
While supporting their efforts to stay that way.

And depending on who represents,
Those totally out of their minds...
They might donate professional services,
Knowing eventually...
If they decide to run for a position in politics,
Their constituents living within certain demographics...
Will elect them over others,
Who are already known to debate and question...
Their capabilities to think independently.

And this is a procedure those insane find offensive.
They want it kept believed their entitlements to receive,
Remain unaffected and left protected...
By those they see once every two years,
With smiling faces and promises...
Guaranteed to be delivered,
IF those out of their minds are not influenced to change.
Or self examine why their lives stay the same.

'Comeon you guys,
You know me.
I'm your buddy.
Don't I keep telling you what you want to hear? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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still we are the same, good writing sir.