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Don'T I Know You?
BB (12/08/1982 / Pittsfield, Il)

Don'T I Know You?

scraggily hair, rail thin frame
recognize your face, can't remember your name
met you once, equipment in hand
dead of night in stank nasty land
bugged out eyes, arms with scab
another stop for your traveling meth lab
in the bathroom, doing fine
dollar bill to nose, I do a line
tastes like crap, burns like hell
I hate the shit, but I do it so well
searching eyes memorizing my face
before you move on to a different place
past the urges, over the crime
now I see you all the time
got your secret, no one you'll show
you stare at me because I know

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I really like the intensity here...It's a very chilling feeling your left with by the last line. Nice job. sincerely, Mary