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Don'T Judge Me
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

Don'T Judge Me

Don’t judge me.
You don’t know me.
How can you possibly think you see inside of me?
If you want to know me,
Look at yourself.
Quit looking at me to figure it out.
You think you know something I don’t know.
Do you think I want to hear from someone,
Who thinks they know me better than I know myself?
Unless you are perfect Love,
I don’t!

When you see love in me,
Feel free,
To mirror it back to me.
But if all you see is my great need,
Please be silent.
I am not interested in hearing about lack.
I desire to see my abundance.
When you find it in yourself,
You will see it in me.
Then say “Let us dance! ”
And I will be your partner.

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