DO (July 06,1992 / Ilorin, kwara state, Nigeria)

Don'T Judge Me By My Breed

Don't judge me by my breed;
I'm just a thriving seed.
I need to grow,
I need to glow,
I've a fold to feed.

Just take me as your son;
A gently rising sun.
I need to rise,
At any price,
To give your kids some fun.

Don't hate me for my dream;
I'm just a springing stream.
You need to drink,
Else you'll shrink.
Your death will make me scream.

Don't kick me from your sight;
I'm just full of delight.
I've to play.
That's my way
To express my own light.

You might not be my fan;
But I'm still from your clan.
I've your blood
I'm not all odd,
I'm still your trusted man.

Don't hoard your lovely ladies;
I'm not infected with rabies.
I need to kiss,
In lovely bliss
I need my own babies.

Don't mourn when I'm death-bound;
Gently lay me in the ground.
Drink at my grave,
Be bold and brave.
I'm still very much around.

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Poem of many fold of life and deep thought. Good work friend