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Don'T Judge Us!

I look in there mere and we see who we are
You look at us and see what you want to see
Our friends see people that are crying out for help
And finding a cold hand
Other people see us and just don’t understand
Look at the thoughts in our eyes
Are stop your hopeless lies
You say we cut and you say we’re on drugs
You say nothing about the preps and the thugs
Don’t hate me because i’m not you
We are not fake we are am so true
You never have to worry we have each others back
Don’t hate someone because they wear black
We are nothing like you expect us to be
If your going to hate me a least its because I’m me
We look in there mere and are happy with the reflection showing
Face your stuck with us we aren’t going
Here we are the way we want to be
There is more to us more then what you see
I tried to show them the world behind
But they didn’t see what I set out to find
I’m still looking but I like what I see
All our friends together just like a family! !

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