Don'T Know *_*

I don't know who I am anymore..
I've changed sooo much
And I'm still figuring how it all happened.
I've become very bad
My emotions..are completely lost
And I have no idea what I'm suppose, even worst, what I'm doing with my life

I just wish scientists could make a time machine
that way...I can realize where I've gone wrong
and what made me become so bad

All the people who knew me before..
are now going to look and watch me and say
'who's that girl? isn't she curly? what happened to her? '
and I'm just gonna sit there and ask the same question to myself.

I've lost myself completely
and I'm doing soo much that I can to get my self back together
But every time I try,
there's always thislittle voice in my head that tells me to do otherwise...

and I am looking at myself
as some dumba** idiot who cant take control her life

by Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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Not a Dumba**. People get this way sometimes.. You just need time.. I know things will get better.. like ppl say- 'it'll get worst before it gets better.' or something like that. Try to relax.. I'm here if you wanna talk.. Take care. -Old friend.