Don'T Know

Poem By James Casey

Don't Know

Not knowing what my powers are,
It's hard for me to say.
Just what I'll be tomorrow,
Or what I am today.

It has dawned on me that life is learning,
A journey far and long
Sometimes its hazy and confusing,
For each soul sings its own song.

My song may not be of beauty,
It might not be black or white.
The current of my essence,
Is strong and filled with might.

A warriors soul, a lovers heart.
My true self isn't easy to impart.
This life I lead is at times gentle
Then without warning, dreadful

Waves of darkness lap
At the shores of my eyes.
I feel the throes of conquests won,
Revel in old enemy cries.

Vanquished foes,
Neutralized threats.
This sailors heart
Suffers no regrets.

Side by side,
At the heart of me
One side soft and gentle,
The other makes enemies flee.
One side has icy cold blue eyes,
They lock on conquest and conquer their domain.
The eyes of the other side are mischievous,
That tear with laughter time and time again.

Jim 1984

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I do beleive you have touched the soul of many a man with this poem James. Very good one indeed.

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