JR (28/06/90 / Sheffield)

Don'T Leave

I never wanted it to hurt us
Never wanted it to be
Like the way it use to be
I saw you change
That moment I knew
Knew that you were the one
The only one
I’m losing you, losing you slowly
Watching your sight drift away
Fight it, there’s time, don’t leave

Your body’s always saying yes
Your hungry for love and so keen to love
Do you want me? want me like you had me
I loved who you are, the man you could be
Not this barrier holding you from me
Is this the end for us?
The end with no result
You’ve been so down lately
And I’ve try so hard to lift you high
But you just keep drifting

Your drifting, drifting away from me
I’ve tried so hard to help you
But I’m losing you, losing you slowly
Let me help you, its not the end
Not now, not ever, I beg you
There’s no need for goodbyes

I know times have been hard
Where you felt you've hurt me
Like the last blow hit harder
But I forgive you
This loves for is too strong
I sit here crying, crying
Those happy tears, happy again
Like we know we can be

Please stay, please stay once more
I’ll help you, help you fight it
I don’t want to lose you, lose the old you
Let me help you, its not the end
Not then, not now, not ever, I beg you
Don’t go, we have time to face this.
Time to erase what was and make what will
You mean so much to me
So i'll say this once more
Don't leave

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