Don'T Leave Me...

Poem By Olivia Gates

Please daddy, don't go
I'm still young and I need
Your warm hugs and
Your bedtime stories
Please daddy,
Mamma needs you
I need you too
And so does Mr. Fluffy
Who would feed him
And pet him without you?
I want my Daddy back
I don't want you to go!
The war doesn't need you
As much as I need you
The war has enough
Dead soldiers to fill
This house to the brim
And I don't want your body
To make this house burst
Don't leave us Daddy!
Please, I want to see you
At my next birthday party
I want you to see me
Getting married someday
I want my Daddy home
If you leave me you would kill me
Only it would be in another home
In another life and I don't
Want another family
To see their daughter dead
Because their daddy also
Left their home
If you left daddy
You would kill me
And you would kill mom too
We love you daddy
No matter what so
That's why I'm asking you
Please don't leave me...
Don't leave me all alone...

I wrote this poem thinking: what would it be like if I had to watch my father go off to war at a young age? What would I say? I hope this touches you in more ways than one.

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Well that's a guilt trip and a half.... But from a child's point of view, it makes sense.

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